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The Mirema School Organic Agriculture Project provides for establishing an organic agriculture greenhouse and open field vegetable plot at Mirema School. Among the benefits for students are: 1) training young people in organic agriculture practices and the relative nutritional and environmental benefits; 2) students gain the foundation of a marketable skill; 3) provides access to the highest quality nutrition for school breakfasts and lunches; 4) training in sound agri-business practices with potential for value added products and services; and 5) stimulates environmental consciousness as all organic practices respect and harmonize with nature and provide insight into the dangers to man and the ecology of chemical farming practices.

The African Hebrew Development Agency and ABI-Organic Agriculture will assist the school by training the students in the production of more nutritious, higher quality organic vegetables that have been proven to increase positive health and behavioral outcomes for the student population.

Project Description

AHDA and ABIO will establish a 6m x 12m greenhouse and 250 square meters open field with drip system irrigation on vacant plot at Mirema School in Nairobl. The school will also be provided with all organic inputs (natural soil nutrients, fungicides and pesticides), seeds for 2 growing seasons, two 250 liter water tanks and knapsack sprayers, and refill kits – to satisfy two-full calendar years.

Twice weekly an organic agriculture specialist from ABIO will be on site at the school to teach the organic curriculum designed specifically for 5th and 6th grade students.

At the end of a year, 5th grade students moving to their 6th grade year will have been sufficiently trained such that they can be introduced to managing the farm program with monitoring and oversight from ABIO.

Also in year 2, students can incorporate their interest in IT, by staying connected with AHDA/ABIO via internet cell phone platform making inquiries, sending photo updates and getting answers when necessary between visits by the organic specialist.

The project will operate over 2 years at a total cost of $64,560.00 USD directed by specialists from experts from AHDA and ABIO. The second year the farm project will actually be managed by students on a daily basis with monitoring from our experts, allowing the school and the students to take ownership of the project.

Murema Primary School Proposal – Full Proposal (PDF Download)