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AHDA is pleased to announce a newly formed NGO based in Nairobi Kenya. We have dedicated ourselves to preventing and reducing disease associated with water and building village capacity through training, education and technical assistance Also AHDA consultants have been invited to evaluate potential projects in South Africa, Benin and Nigeria.

Help us assure that all who might desire our assistance receive it. We are currently looking for partners to help us expand the scale and depth of our programs. We also accept donations.

We would love to hear from you!

Please contact us by phone or mail, or email us any comments or feedback. We are in this journey together as we look to resolve the critical issues that affect our future.

ISRAEL (Head Office)
Prince Immanuel Ben Yehuda
1433/1 Aliya St.- Dimona 86000 Israel
Ph: +972 8 655 6859
email: info@ahda-israel.org

Prince Gavriel Ben Israel
Ph; +233 264 335 026

Minister Yatsiliel
cell: +254.728.787.417
email: kenya@ahda-israel.org
P.O. Box 79749-00507
Nairobi – Kenya