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The African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA) has been operating in Ghana since August 1998, AHDA, known originally as the Israelite Development Agency (IDA) has taken part in several vital projects throughout East and West Africa:

  • Sponsored a joint medical and dental delegation to Ghana providing free treatment and services in both rural and urban areas
  • Digging of  water wells in the Volta region of  Ghana
  • Sponsored the production and distribution of anti-smoking campaign materials to senior secondary school children
  • Training in organic farming and milling techniques in partnership with the  establishing of rice and flour mills in the Volta region
  • Conducted nutritional seminars on benefits of soya and designing of school feeding programs
  • Training in soy bean cultivation in the Northern Region of Ghana
  • Regenerative Health and Nutrition Program operating in Ghana in conjunction with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health.
  • Constructing and training in the use of bio-gas digesters to provide electricity in rural Liberia.
  • Food Security and Agriculture Project in the West Pokot District of Kenya
  • Partnership with African Boreholes Initiative, Kenya
  • In partnership with Eastward in Eden Bio-Organic Farms (Kenya) AHDA sponsored training sessions in organic farming and regenerative nutrition.