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Mission Statement

The African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA) is a registered, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Israel and currently operating in Ghana and Kenya.  AHDA specializes in providing technical assistance, training and consultancy in essential areas of human development and capacity building such as preventive health, agriculture, rural development, water resource development, environmental maintenance and related fields. Operating in Ghana since August 1995 and in Kenya since 2008. AHDA is committed to assisting those in need in a manner which leads to their having immediate control over the means and to provide the essentials of life, thereby facilitating their full participation in the economic and social development of their communities – regardless to race, religion, gender or political affiliation. It is our belief that only under these circumstances can genuine development take place.


To assist those in the developing world in taking control of their future through the attaining of the essential elements required for maintaining health and gaining the productivity necessary to provide for themselves. AHDA helps individuals reclaim their dignity and hope by enabling communities to provide themselves with necessities for survival. Our programs provide the tangible means for hope and self-worth so families can begin to see a better future. We create real possibilities and the hope that keeps the human spirit alive.

Organization Structure

The African Hebrew Development Agency was created as a humanitarian and human capacity building arm of Kibbutz Shomrei HaShalom in Dimona, Israel. The directorship is able to draw upon kibbutz members and independent sources for its teams of consultants and technical assistants. In the locales where we initiate projects a local directorship is established to oversee activities and projects to insure projects reflect the interest of those being served.