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The Regenerative Health and Nutrition Program in Ghana, in conjunction with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health, AHDA specialists conducted training of medical service professionals and those in related fields in the practice and principles of preventive health and health literacy. The training focused on three central areas (seeking to assist the country on meeting Millennium Development Goals*;  ): mother and child health, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles – including appropriate regular exercise and environmental and personal hygiene. The program reached beyond the medical field and included traditional leadership (chiefs and queen mothers), matrons, caterers, media practitioners, students, clergy, musicians and entertainers; the Restoration Village Organic agricultural training project in Ghana is developing a residential organic agricultural training center for young people between the ages of 18-32 with special emphasis on creating more opportunities for women. Partners include, the Ghanaian Ministry of Health, MASHAV (the Israel-based International Organization of Cooperation), the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) and more; African Boreholes Initiative in Kenya, is a collaborative effort formed with local partners to provide potable water to drought-stricken areas of Kenya.

The Regenerative Health and Nutrition Program (RHN) which was designed by AHDA and initiated in conjunction with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health. It is a process of using natural and non-medical interventions to continuously improve ones health and move from a curative position, to one of preventing disease and thus increasing productivity and life expectancy. The main components to the program are training, communication/advocacy, service provision and the development of Regenerative Health and Nutrition Centers. The training program focuses on four essential areas: mother and child health; nutrition; healthy lifestyles and advocacy. Intervention in these modules is a primary component in the strategy to meet essential millennium development goals (MDGs). The trainings target health care workers, school and hospital matrons, caterers, mid-wives and traditional birthing assistants, students and traditional / tribal leadership. It is presently being taught in every district of the country. In addition more than 80 Ghanaian leaders came to Israel as a part of the RHN – Dimona Study Tour component of the program, to study the roots of the program and view its practical application on a village scale. Their participation brought the number of study tour participants to 200 over the life of the program.

Prospective residents are united by shared ecological, social and spiritual values. Life in the RVP is designed to support your desire and effort at living the most healthy, stress-free life possible – each and every day. The peace of mind that comes from having balance in one’s life-style, relationships and environments is becoming increasingly important – and elusive, in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. Studies show that more people than ever are seeking ways to make their lives come together in a less complicated synergy between their ecologies of people, environment, employment/commerce and conscience.

This yearning is reflected in the reality that “good health” involves more than our physical well-being. It includes our mental/spiritual health, our economic state and cultural health. And most importantly, these spheres are inter-related such that changes in one area brings repercussions in other spheres as well.

With this knowledge, it is increasingly important that we take a much more purposeful and constructive approach to building our future. We can and must choose a way of living that we can enjoy clean air, water and food sources. We can engage in commercial, income generating activities without threatening the social welfare of our communities.
The Restoration Village Project (RVP) is a model village development plan designed to bring this vision into reality. RVP is a platform to usher in a sustainable way of living… that ensures the quality of our lives and feeds our sanity. The Restoration Village will be constructed in the Volta Region of Ghana, on 123 acres of land featuring organic agriculture, green residential and light industry features.

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