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Israel is the home-base of the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA) – where practical development solutions are conceived and tested. It is here that our consultants and specialists are trained in the various fields of expertise and cultural sensitivity. The center of activity is in Dimona, in Kibbutz Shomray haShalom, an urban communal settlement that is known as the modern African village – a virtual living laboratory for social and developmental change is in effect.

AHDA host delegates from governments, corporations, or just inquisitive enthusiasts for training sessions and research in organic agriculture,   preventative medicine, renewable energy, natural food production, natural birthing, rural development, plant-based nutrition, food preparation and also water resource management.

Training with AHDA is an experience which challenges visitors to consider new possibilities in the intersection of the ecology of people and the ecology of nature. While we invest training of local trainers, our objectives are not to begin and maintain a project in another land. Instead it looks beyond the project, providing communities with the skills and materials which they might find helpful in living healthier, more productive lives. This is another reason all AHDA projects include local directorships to ensure that the project meets the needs and sensitivities of the local population.

AHDA is prepared to work in partnership with governments, corporate state-holders or private individuals to create the best scenarios for the success of any project undertaking.

If you would like to make a donation to the African Hebrew Development Agency to help further our mission please see link below. We focus on sustainable projects which are not simple handouts but moreso a hand-up assist the communities in which we operate. You can be confident that your donation goes toward the execution of the project rather than administrative cost.

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