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Men of Color

Wallace Longhorn
DVD Movie
[25 yo, 5' 11", 155, 10" Cut] Video length: 35 minutes
Sports: Football, Basketball Produced: Nov 19 13

A new standard was set; a new record was reached, but I get ahead of myself. New area resident, 25 year old Wallace came to the office today for his annual examination. Wallace received his last exam 2 years ago while he was still living in New Orleans.

Taking his patient history, I found out that the 25 year old had a history of team sports in both basketball and football and after dropping a considerable amount of weight, he now only plays basketball. At 5' 11" and weight of 155 pounds, I would hope that Wallace is a great ball handler because he could not be much a threat with rebounding. I suggested to remove his clothing, down to his underwear, to begin the examination.

His boxers hung loosely about his waist, which gave me an indication that he did indeed loose a lot of weight (and is still accustomed to larger boxers). During my questioning, I found out Wallace began puberty at age 11 and when asked about his first sexual experience he told me 9 years old. How is that possible, I asked and he told me that his babysitter (who was a cousin) told a friend of hers about Wallace and his large penis for his age. The friend asked Wallace to show it to her and at age 9, he was 6 1/2" in length. Well that got my curiosity aroused.

The exam proceeded in normal fashion and I will be honest, I was not listening with the stethoscope as closely as I should have for my curiosity began to grow, the closer I got to the waistband of his boxers. Unable to curb my curiosity and longer, I pulled open the waistband of his boxers to reveal the coarse black pubic hairs. With my stethoscope probing, I moved it further beneath the fabric and with my free hand, I reached into his boxers and found my target.

I have been performing exams for quite a few years, actually more years than I care to think about. This is the largest flaccid ... yes.. flaccid penis I have ever grasped. Laying it against the stark lighter material of his boxers, it was truly a show piece. Suggesting the he remove his boxers, I stepped forward to hurry up the process and tossing his boxers aside, I went to secure my tape measure. In its flaccid condition, he measured 7 inches in length and 7 inches in circumference.

Wallace is uncut and with any uncut penis, I have to make sure that his foreskin poses no issues for reproduction. His foreskin moves easily back and forth. Stretching it out, I peer inside at the coiled and stretched flesh. Inserting two of my fingers (with room for more), I was able to stretch the foreskin out extensively, to simulate how the skin would react during arousal and found that he would pose no hindrance to normal intercourse.

The genital examination continued further as I asked Wallace to stand at the end of the table. Taking his hefty member in my hand, I palpated the length of it and he began to thicken and become aroused. Anxious to see the effect a prostate exam would have, I turned Wallace around and placed him into the familiar position, resting on his elbows and knees. Palpating his shoulders and spine first before I grasped and parted open his buttocks for a glance at his anus. Making light conversation with him, I lubricated and prepare the thermometer for insertion and as I informed him what I intended to do, he said "Oh no, doc" I can't do that.

Under normal circumstances, I might have insisted however, under this situation, I relented and turned him back over again. With his arms raised behind his head, taking a urethral sample was far easier than a rectal examination so I took my time and let the applicator inside him longer than was what required.

Curiosity returned as I gave him instructions regarding the semen specimen requirement as I stated that I needed to get another measurement as he was fully aroused. I told Wallace to call for me when he was ready to be measured fully aroused. Minutes later, I was called back to the room to record that measurement at 10 inches in length with a circumference of 7 1/2".

Wallace deposited his fertility sample a few moments later and I suggested (and sincerely hoped) that he should return for further testing and examination purposes.

Double Feature - Burnett Samuels and Anthony Gramercy
DVD Movie
Burnett Samuels [34 yo, 7 1/2", Cut] Video length: 89 minutes
Anthony Gramercy [28 yo, 8", Cut] Produced Nov 16 11 and Oct 11 11

Burnett Samuels enters the office today for his new patient exam. It has been over a year since his last physical. Growing up, Burnett took part in all the major sports that his school offered : Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Track. Sports physicals at his school were performed in the gymnasium locker room and the trainer's tables were utilized with all athletes standing in line in their boxers waiting their respective turns with the doctor. I instruct Burnett to strip down to his underwear and to prepare for his examination.

Burnett maintains an active sex life as rotates his affections among multiple female partners with over 7 different women over the past 6 month period. However, he confessed to hmp4ng a wet dream a couple of weeks ago. Adult maturation began early for Burnett as he had a growth of beard and moustache at age 10 while he was in the 6th grade of school. Two years later, he had full grown chest hair. He confessed to hmp4ng a sexual experience with a babysitter at a very early age. He maintains his time between sexual partners by masturbating at least 3 times a day.

Stripping his briefs off, I continued to methodically examine Burnett. His body is solid and the palpations to his body resounded with a thud as I moved across the expanse of his pectorals. His abdominal region is also covered with the similar dark, coarse hairs found on his pectorals and after a cursory glance underneath the waistband of his briefs, I had Burnett remove them to allow me to continue.

His penis, in a flaccid state, lay nested atop that dark course hair. My examination of his penis and scrotum found no abnormal conditions and after asking Burnett to spread apart his legs a bit wider, I was able to examine the perineum which was also fairly hirsute. The genital examination of Burnett continued now with him standing upright. A further examination of penis and a slight measure of rigidity began to take shape. He grew a couple of inches at my touch and I felt it best to continue towards a more invasive inspection of his body.

Positioned onto his hands and knees, Burnett startled a bit as the thermometer was inserted into his anus. I did receive a bit of nervous anticipation as Burnett seemed to anticipate that a prostate examination would follow. When asked, he replied that he did have one prostate examination prior to today's visit. The examination of his prostate produced no reaction until it was completed and then I was greeted to a chuckle of relief that it was over.

Even though Burnett told me that he uses condoms 100% of the time in his sexual relations with partners, I elected to take a urethral specimen. I found a very small urethral opening and it took a bit of maneuvering to gain entrance and Burnett wincing in pain upon insertion. I was greeted to another large smile when it was complete.

I directed Burnett to work up a full erection for me and to produce a semen specimen. Burnett rapidly took to the task at hand and even though he admitted to masturbating upon awaking this morning, he was able to deliver a respectable quantity for laboratory testing purposes.

Part 2 - Anthony Gramercy

New patient Anthony Gramercy is a veteran of two military branches, Air Force ( 2 years) and Army ( 3 years). His main sport growing up has been football and he clearly has the body for it. Since the age of eight, Anthony was a football running back on his various football teams. His required sports physicals were performed at the school. I instructed Anthony to strip down as I began his examination.

Anthony, I assume, from his years of both playing sports and military showers, was completely comfortable and relaxed in a naked state. This relaxation translates well to the exam table. He was completely at repose as I used the stethoscope to check his heart and lung sounds. Palpating his chest and abdomen, I found that Anthony has maintained great body tone, his body his thick and well muscled, much like a typical football running back.

Through much of the examination, Anthony's penis hung in a flaccid condition at a respectable 5 inches in length. I hoped that Anthony's jovial demeanor would continue as a I positioned him for the rectal portion of his examination. Lubricating a thermometer and using a finger on my other hand for positioning, I was able insert gain entrance and lodge the thermometer in his bowels firmly between the mounds of flesh that comprised his buttocks. The thermometer could be barely discerned as it protruded from his rectum. Securing a reading I withdrew it and prepared to examine his prostate. Anthony's prostate was easy to locate and while my examination did not cause an erection, Anthony did feel a bit of sexual stimulation directly related to it. Turning him around and having him lift his massive thighs off of the exam table, I re-inserted my finger into his anus to further palpate his prostate.

I had hoped that the increased attention to his prostate would ease the experience to follow; a sampling and securing a urethral specimen. I noted just of bit of natural lubrication had accumulated so I was quick to point out what I would do next. The look on his face told me that he had experienced this before (more than likely as a result of a weekend military pass) so I took advantage of that foresight and pushed the cotton applicator inside his penis. Anthony was able to maintain his composure as I took the urethral sample in such a relaxed manner that I was keep it inserted into Anthony for a bit longer than it was necessary (just to be sure of securing an appropriate sample).

Anthony was very relieved (with a large smile across his face) when I removed the cotton tipped applicator. He definitely enjoyed the next part of the exam much, much more as he was directed to produce a semen specimen. In a short period of time, he was able to produce a copious sample which squirted into the petri dish and all over his hand as well.

Identical Twins - Deon & Dustin
DVD Movie
Deon & Dustin Justus [19 yo, 8 1/2", Cut]
Video length: 49 minutes
Sports - Football, Basketball Produced May 13 12

They both lead such an active lifestyle, so I was extremely fortunate, in several ways, to examine Deon and Dustin Justus simultaneously for this physical examination, with an emphasis on posture study.

To confirm that they are Identical Twins, I had them perform a little exercise using a tape measurement on their respective body parts. Yes......they are identical. Yes, I also compelled them to measure each other's penis.

Directed to the exam table, I had them lay next to each other; each completely naked. Alternating between one brother, I methodically went through all the steps of a normal physical examination, ultimately giving Dustin his first prostate exam. During the instruction concerning a scrotal exam, I had them demonstrate on each other, the proper self-exam technique.

The brothers were completely natural around each other when they were naked. A hot video just in its simplicity !

College Roommates - Thomas and Michael
DVD Movie
Thomas Fields [21 yo, 8", Cut]
Sports - Football, Basketball
Video length: 65 minutes
Michael Springs [21 yo, 7", Cut]
Sports - Baseball, Football, Basketball, Swimming
Produced Mar 10 10

Believe it or not, this was supposed to be a side by side, dual examination between two real college roommates. The activity that occurred between these two roommates and what occurred on camera between them was completely unrehersed and totally unplanned.

Thomas and Michael are college roommates and both are straight. Michael expressed an interest to be a "patient" and mentioned that his college roommate would be interested in being one as well.

They knew they would be getting an exam concurrently, with one watching the other. As roommates, they had seen each other before in various stages of undress, so both believed that they would be comfortable under these circumstances.

What transpired between the two of them completely shocked me and surpassed my wildest imagination.

Samson Snow - Anoscope
DVD Movie
[26 yo, 5' 10", 165, 9" Uncut] Video length: 34 minutes
Sports:Football, Snowboarding, Track Produced: Oct 04 11

Samson is of African-American heritage but there is obviously a heritage mix in his blood line, which I would guess to be Creole and Irish, as there is a creaminess to his skin color and a slight reddish tint to his hair.

It has been almost one year to the date of Samson's last physical examination. At his prior exam with me, he was exceptionally nervous so I was pleasantly surprised that he was so relaxed and almost jovial as he was very quick to smile.

His comfort level with me gave me the initiative to push the envelope further as I gave him a very thorough examination which included using the anoscope. He resigned himself to what I had in store for him. In turn, I rewarded him with a bit of treat and permitted myself to provide ejaculation assistance; stroking his 9 inch penis to a creamy completion.

Jorge and Elias
DVD Movie
Jorge Rojas [18 yo, 5'08", 5 1/2" Uncut] Video length: 55 minutes
Elias Michigan [29 yo, 6' 04", 7 1/2" Cut] Produced: Mar 02 11 and Feb 27 11

You probably would not expect to see Jorge Rojas on a football field (unless of course, he was chasing after a football player).

In many ways, Jorge is a model patient. He is extremely submissive and gave me no issues whatsoever during the mechanics of the examination. Jorge stripped down to his tiny white briefs with hearts emblazoned on the fabric as I began his physical.

Remarkably for an 18 year old, Jorge is not engaging in regular sexual activity or regular masturbation habits. Jorge is exceptionally delicate and I found myself taking a completely different demeanor with him then I would with burly, jock type athletes.

As you might have expected, my finger is not the first object that has entered Jorge's anus. I was able to explore his internal cavity very easily, moving about as I checked his prostate.

Turning Jorge around, I instructed him to lift his legs into the air, a feat that he easily accomplished, and in doing so, spread his buttocks fairly wide open to allow me to continue his internal examination.

Satisfied that his male plumbing was in working order, I instructed Jorge to continue on his own to produce the abundant sample that he deposited onto his smooth pubic area.

Elias Michigan is into the office today for a new patient physical exam. Elias had an examination 6 months ago when he moved into the area but it was employment physical with a company doctor so he wanted get his own personal physician.

Growing up his sports physical exams were done at his own private doctor. Elias has been under a bit of stress about life and he smokes flavored cigars to try to help himself relax. Overall though, he has been maintaining fairly good health and during his active sports life; he did fracture his foot.

I asked Elias to disrobe to start the exam. As I prepared my instruments, I was able to watch Elias disrobe. He had elected to not wear undergarments so he climbed onto the exam table completely naked. Elias has an assortment of tattoos that adorn his body. Elias began puberty around the age of 11. A few short years later and he began developing chest hair.

Elias as it turns out was a model patient for me. I was able to give him his genital and prostate examination with no issues and while he did experience some discomfort when I took a urethral culture. He permitted all that I had to perform and he actually became very aroused as a palpated his prostate.

At the conclusion, Elias was able to produce a very white and creamy ejaculate that was spread about over this abdomen and genital area. I was able to collect (via a tongue depressor) a suitable amount for laboratory testing.

Samson Snow
DVD Movie
[25 yo, 5' 10", 165, 9" Uncut] Video length: 48 minutes
Sports - Football, Track Produced: Jun 08 10

Samson Snow has a perfectly sculptured body. As I began his initial examination and palpated his body; all I could detect was a toned, lean, muscled specimen before me. Obviously, Samson is of African-American heritage but there is obviously a heritage mix in his blood line, which I would guess to be Creole and Irish, as there is a creaminess to his skin color and a slight reddish tint to his hair.

Samson began his high school sport endeavors as part of his school's track team. He participated in both the 100 meter and team relay events. It was there that he was "discovered" by his school's football coach and encouraged to try out for the football team. Upon making the roster of the football squad, Samson became a featured running back during his freshmen and sophomore school years.

I neglected to question Samson about the type of undergear that he wore while a member of the track and football squads. I can only hope that he chose a form of lycra encased compression shorts as your normal jock strap would not have contained him. I had the first inclination that Samson was EXCEPTIONALLY blessed in the maleness area shortly after I pulled open his boxers using the elastic waistband. Laying dormant and tucked between his legs was his uncut penis. More than likely due to its enormous flaccid size, Samson is accustomed to using subtle ploys to mask its size while in polite company. Freeing it from its trapped confinement in the crevice between his clenched legs, I had the opportunity to visually inspect his uncut member. Massive is the first word that came into my mind.

Asking him to stand and to remove his boxers, I started the genital exam and to continue to visually inspect his member. Grasping it and using my finger tips to extend and roll the foreskin back and forth over the corona, I confirmed with Samson that his foreskin gave him no problems whatsoever. It clearly had a wide range of movement throughout the length of his penis. I reached for a tape measure, laying the units of measure at the base and extended it down the shaft, Samson measured at 7 inches in length, while he is still completely flaccid.

The exam continued as I requested Samson to assume a "hand and knees" position on my exam table. Reaching for the lubricant, I informed him that I would be taking a rectal temperature from him. My sixth sense told me that Samson might have had an inclination of what he was "in for" over the next few moments as, up to this point, he had been very talkative but now his speech had fallen silent. The well lubricated thermometer slid inside him to do its work. It was withdrawn and I checked, temperature normal.

Have you had a prostate exam prior ? I inquired. His response was barely audible but it was a "No" answer. We will do that next I replied. I applied a generous amount of lubricant on my finger and slid it into his very tight rectum. Allowing him to get accustomed to the sensations at first; I then started a slow exploration of the cavity with subtle movements from my finger tip. Locating his prostate, I tried to elicit a response from him but I found that he had temporarily lost his voice. I continued exploring, checked his dangling penis for signs of any moisture from seminal secretions and then withdrew my finger and requested him to turn over onto his back. Again, I entered him, with his knees withdrawn and legs recoiled. This positioned opened his legs up for a wider exploration and I plunged my finger deeper in the recesses of his bowels. Satisfied with this portion, I withdrew my finger and pressed on.

Samson admitted that he previously had an STD. So I did caution him prior that I would be taking a urethral culture next. Positioning him with his arms folded behind his head, I eased the cotton tipped instrument into his urethra. An audible and sharp intake of breath told that I had entered the canal. A swiral of the swab and I withdrew the culture from him. I allowed Samson to continue on his own at this point as I instructed him to provide a semen sample in the provided collection dish. Samson leisurely worked his expanding member to its full erect size of 9 inches and culminated in a creamy sample for testing purposes.

Wayne Prosper
DVD Movie
[28 yo, 5' 11", 186, 7 1/2" Uncut] Video length: 32 minutes
Sports - Football, Basketball Produced: Feb 22 11

Wayne Prosper is an ex-Army man, serving for 8 years with tours of duty in Germany and Iraq. He is most likely in better condition now then when he was in the military as since he has been discharged; he has lost over 100 pounds. He returned to regular gym workouts and maintained a healthy diet to shed all of that weight.

Wayne converses easily and readily responds to all of the questions that I posed to him. While he is married, he admits to participating in group sex encounters in which he and his wife invite another female into their bedroom. As you might expect, he is fairly proud of this ( a testament to his stamina). Even though he does maintain an active sex life with his wife, he does admit to a daily once (or twice) masturbation ritual.

Upon stripping him naked, I observed that Wayne is completely shaven from neck to knees. It is not often to find an adult male that is this smoothly shaven which included both his armpits and pubic areas. Upon inspection of his uncut penis and my subsequent palpation and stretching of his foreskin, I was able to put Wayne into an aroused condition, which was clearly evident when I requested him to stand to continue the genital examination.

I moved to the posterior portion of his examination. Parting his buttocks wide, I observed the outer region of his anus, and prepared a rectal thermometer for insertion. Applying lubricant, I slipped it easily inside. As I removed and recorded his temperature, I told Wayne that a prostate examination would follow and when asked, he informed me that he had one previously at age 18. Well done, so I knew, pushing forward (so to speak) that he would not be experiencing anything new in this area.

Positioned now with hands about his head and on his back, I prepared to take a urethral culture. A wild night with two prostitutes while he was in the military earned Wayne a case of gonorrhea, so he also was well aware of what an urethral sample would entail. I secured a grimace on his face as I pushed the cotton tipped instrument into his urethra.

Satisfied with his examination thus far, I requested that he continue on his own to produce a semen specimen. In a few moments later, Wayne spilled a large specimen all over his abdominal area and I was able to use a tongue depressor to collect the specimen for testing.

Damon Nazario
DVD Movie
18 yo, 6' 03", 134, 8" Cut Video length: 36 minutes
Sports - Football, Basketball, Wrestling Produced: Feb 19 11

Damon Nazario is in to the office today for a new patient physical exam. As it turns out, it has been almost a year since his last physical and this shall be a full and complete adult physical examination. Going over a list of prior injuries, Damon confided that he has had a couple of broken ribs from a previous sport-related injury.

Damon was not nervous for his examination and I would classify it as relaxed anticipation. Damon gave me open and honest answers to all questions that were posed to him. Questioning revealed that he started puberty rather early at age 11 and what little traces of hair which have developed on his upper body began at age 16.

This is Damon's true adult physical and his first experience with any rectal insertion. To his credit, he accepted what was doled out to him with good humor and was able to deliver a healthy specimen at the conclusion of his office visit.

Tony Castro - Returns [Anoscope]
DVD Movie
20 yo, 6' 00", 195, 8" Cut Video length: 48 minutes
Sports - Football, Snowboarding, Track Produced: Sep 19 10

Tony Castro is an extremely fine physical specimen. The purpose of his office visit today is to allow me to determine if he has injured himself during one of his strenuous workouts. I am only too happy to give him a very thorough physical exam.

This is Tony's third visit to my office. On his last visit, I did introduce the sensations which accompanied an anoscopic inspection of his rectum. Tony is an extremely docile patient and does allow me to fully examine him as I see fit to do so. I thought it best to repeat the anoscope portion of the exam, just to be sure that there was no issues that had developed internally.

Tony has never received any anal stimulation (other than what I have done during his medical examinations). Through the course of this complete examination, I determined that there was no physical damage to his body and believe that he would benefit from some deep tissue massage. As he is able to maintain his erection, I continued to provide him with some genital and anal stimulation as I assist him with the collection and extraction of the sperm specimen.

Production Note:
Tony remains one of my "All-Time Favorite" patients. He combines a really hot sculptured body with a very responsive penis and a laid back, trusting attitude that permits me to do whatever I want.

Gregory Orion - Anoscope
DVD Movie
23 yo, 6' 03", 200, 7" Uncut Video length: 25 minutes
Sports - Soccer Produced: Oct 17 10

Gregory is from the United Kingdom however I found it easy to converse with him, much more so then I did teammates with Marc and Norman. Obviously there is a bit of an accent in play, but not quite as pronounced as the other teammates.

Gregory has always been a relaxed, calm patient for me. He has an easy going, self-confident manner which enables him to be at home and comfortable in most situations. Like his teammates, Gregory is also uncircumcised. I had him stand to remove his boxers and began to examine his uncut member. When asked, Gregory told that he is doing a monthly self-examination on his very large testicles.

Gregory does use clippers to keep his pubic hair trimmed back while the crevice between his buttocks remains covered with dark course hairs. Positioned onto his hands and knees for what was to follow, I first visually inspected his anus before lubricating a thermometer. While it took a reading, I was able to take a step back to admire Gregory's low hanging scrotum. His sack moved ever so slightly from side to side as we conversed during this portion of the exam.

Removing the thermometer, I probed his anus with my finger....applying additional lubricant as I do so, of course, ultimately I was prepping him for the introduction of the anoscope to his rectum. Gregory was able to endure this portion with no issues whatsoever.

Moving forward, I had Gregory lay on his back as I gave him a bit of assistance, lubricating his penis into a semi-aroused condition before ultimately allowing him to continue on his own to a conclusion..

Richie Negron
DVD Movie
24 yo, 5' 10", 188, 7" Cut Video length: 53 minutes
Sports - Basketball, Baseball Produced: Aug 07 10

Before he climbed onto my exam table, 24 year old Richie Negron spent 6 years on active duty with the U.S. Army. Today, he visits my office for his first civilian physical exam since leaving the military last March. I always appreciate when I have the opportunity to examine a former serviceman as they are generally very punctual for their appointments and accustomed to their nakedness in front of another male and so it was with Richie.

In school, Richie was a member of the school’s football team (cornerback) and basketball team (point guard). All his previous sports related physical exams were done at a local clinic and while his mom took him to those exams, she did allow him the privacy and remained in the waiting room. Richie admitted to feeling a little apprehensive during one of those school exams, when instructed to undress by the female nurse, but he was able to maintain his composure and keep his penis in a flaccid state.

A naked weigh in revealed that Richie is at a fairly solid 188 pounds on his 5'10" frame. During my initial consultation, I found out that Richie’s body stayed fairly devoid of most injuries during his active sporting years however he did suffer a slight fracture of his wrist while rollerblading which occurred during an awkward stop. Richie keeps most of his body trimmed back using an electric trimmer however there are a few small patches of hair that remain on his pectorals and around his naval. Richie’s trimming included his pubic region and the short stubby hairs protruding through the follicles are a testament to that activity. Like his teenage exam, Richie maintained composure throughout today’s physical. His penis in a flaccid state was measured at 4 inches and then again later at 7 inches while erect.

Richie received his first prostate exam today and while unprepared for it, he was tight, yet cooperative, and admitted to experiencing the arousal factor when his prostate was purposely stimulated. Additionally, I did take a urethral culture during this exam and Richie admitted that he had been given one previously at age 15 after he informed his regular doctor that he was sexually active.

Instructed to complete the exam with a semen specimen, Richie had a difficult time of it. Achieving and then maintaining an erection in the strange surroundings clearly was an issue for him but luckily I was able to lend a hand when required to do so.

Eduardo Garcia Diaz - Anoscope
DVD Movie
Eduardo Garcia Diaz - [22 yo, 5' 07", 155, 6 1/2" Cut] Video length: 32 minutes
Sports - Football, Soccer Produced: Jul 14 10

I began posing questions to Eduardo and while I did receive some answers to my questions, it became clear that he was having a bit of difficulty understanding what I was asking. Eduardo is 5'07" tall and as I had him remove his boxers and to step onto the scale, I recorded his weight at 155 pounds.

Eduardo has a slight bit of hair sprouting between his pectorals and his pubic area is trimmed to leave some coarse black hairs as a backdrop, surrounding his genitals. I reached for the blood pressure cuff and no sooner then I turned by back for a second, Eduardo's penis had sprung right up to a full blown erection. Might as well start there, so I measured his erect unit at 6 1/2 inches with a circumference of 6 inches.

Eduardo's blood pressure was a bit higher than I would like to see on a young man his age but then some of it might be attributed to his heighten state of arousal. His penis remained fully erect all during the complete, initial stethoscope work and inspection of chest and abdominal areas.

Standing for his testicular exam, Eduardo jutted out like a soldier at attention. His scrotum was tight against the base of his penis making a prolonged testicular examination a bit more difficult. Turning him around, I observed a fair amount of black hair dusting the surface of his buttocks. Positioning for the rectal portion was a bit more labored due to the communication issues but I was finally able to get him to a desired position for exploration.

The rectal thermometer was the first instrument used to part his buttocks. He barely flinched when the cool lubricant was applied and the thermometer slid in without any complications. For the sake of mention and not even waiting to see if he comprehended me or not, the thermometer was removed and I informed him that I would examine his prostate next.

The tip of my finger pushed in past his very tight sphincter and then, I requested and received a series of deep breaths, which allowed him to sufficiently relax and permit me to enter his rectum. His prostate was easy to locate and then I methodically began to probe it and apply increasing pressure on it. His penis remain completely turgid and began to leak a bit of seminal fluids.

Collecting and retrieving a sample of fluid from his urethra was a simple, but still unpleasant matter. Simple because the fluids were so copious and yet, it was still fairly uncomfortable for Eduardo, which resulted in a deflation of his erection. However, he recovered nicely and in no time, provided a rapid fire release of his semen. I concluded today's office visit with a further exploration of his rectum through the use of an anoscope.

Gregory Orion
DVD Movie
Gregory Orion [23 yo, 6' 04", 200, 7" Uncut Video length: 32 minutes
Sports - Soccer Produced: May 25 10

Gregory Orion was born in London in the United Kingdom. His father is from Wales and his mother is from Africa.

Gregory and his college roommate / teammate (Marc Stuart) both came to the office for their physicals at the same time. Marc received his exam first while Gregory waited in the reception area.

They both have had numerous physical exams since both have been active in sports for a number of years and they both admit that exams in the United States are more extensive then what they are accustomed to back home. I gave them a fairly extensive exam and for this initial exam, it was given to them in a solitary fashion to allow for all the individualized attention to the details.

Remarkable about the exams: they both received their first prostate exams at the session; they both are uncut and Marc has an amazing and extremely long foreskin; Gregory has extremely large testicles, very massive and dense. Both were completely comfortable and at ease being naked.

Antonio Vee
DVD Movie
19 yo, 5'10", 155, 8", Uncut Video length: 30 minutes
Sports - Baseball, Bodybuilding Produced: Apr 13 10

Antonio Vee has the remarkable distinction of being my first patient that was born in Puerto Rico. The 19 year old told me that where he was from, baseball was the most popular sport and from age 4 and all through his high school years, it became his favorite sport as well. On his team, Antonio played at two different playing positions (shortstop and pitcher) which are both high profile positions.

Graduating high school, Antonio took up bodybuilding for strength and conditioning. He is in the gym working out every day and his work out lasts from 1-2 hours. Antonio is very comfortable with himself. You can tell that his years of playing competitive sports and the time he has spent building up his body have given him a confidence in his abilities.

Antonio probably received his most comprehensive physical exam, to date, on this his first visit to my office. I did conduct a prolonged genital exam as my young patient is uncircumcised and I did part his buttocks to give him his first prostate examination. Interesting to note, something which is very common of my straight, male patients, typically those that shave their chest and pubic areas smooth, often neglect to shave their buttocks and anus areas. Such was the case with Antonio. Inserting a rectal thermometer was no easy task with a thick patch of hair surround his anus.

Antonio admitted to a bit of sexual twinge as my finger probed his prostate today but he also experienced an urgent need to urinate. I allowed him to provide a urine sample and provide he did, as he completely filled up 3 different specimen cups. Likewise, he provided a creamy semen sample at the conclusion of the exam today.

Tony Castro-Anoscope and Jock
DVD Movie
19 yo, 6'01", 195, 8", Cut Video length: 27 minutes
Sports - Football, Snowboarding, Track Produced: Mar 16 10

Tony is back in the office to get a more intensive physical examination. He is trying out for a semi-pro football team and they have some specific requirements that need to be covered during an examination and I have a few issues of my own that need to be addressed.

Tony, dressed in his work out gear, is first required to provide a urine sample for testing. After Tony provides a sample; some body measurements are taken. His biceps are 16 inches, his chest is 39 inches, his waist 31 inches.

Clad in only his jock strap, I begin Tony's physical. Tony is a very easygoing and quite the conversationalist. You can tell, this is one athlete that is in tune with his body and it shows in his very relaxed manner.

When I asked him to remove his jockstrap to begin his genital exam and just like before, Tony's penis sprung to life and was on its way to a full arousal. The genital exam continued as my young patient stood and I was able to examine his scrotum aided by gravity. His testicles were each carefully inspected.

On Tony's last visit to my office, I had the privilege of giving him his first prostate exam. His prostate is easy to locate and with some subtle massage; his penis increased to a fully aroused condition. In the interest of being a bit more thorough, I elect to give Tony a more intensive rectal exam using an anoscope. Lubricated, it slides easily into his rectum while penis stays fully erect.

As before, I step in to lend a hand to assist Tony with the required semen specimen.

Tony Castro
DVD Movie
19 yo, 6'01", 195, 8", Cut Video length: 91 minutes
Sports - Football, Snowboarding, Track Produced: Mar 15 10

Can you be both massive and sculptured at the same time ? When you think of bodybuilders, you think massive and 19 year old Tony, is indeed massive. His 16 inch biceps frame a sculptured, 40 inch chest. My new Hispanic patient has a 31 inch waist and the makings of washboard abdominals. As I mentioned, he is both massive and sculptured. So, when you factor in an 8 inch erect penis and two perfectly proportioned orbs that comprise his buttocks, and a cheerful disposition, well, he is downright perfect in my book.

Tony took part in a diverse group of sports growing up. Bodybuilding, currently, and then while in high school and college, he also took part in football, motocross and snowboarding. A fairly diverse group of sports, ones that you would not normally associate with the other. It was for football and motocross that his body suffered a variety of injuries: one broken shoulder, a dislocated shoulder, and an assortment of broken fingers.

I began my initial exam of Tony while he was clad in only a pair of black compression shorts, which are typically worn by many athletes. An outline of his manhood, encased in the lycra, was totally visible as I began the initial assessment of my young athlete. Typical of bodybuilders, Tony does shave his upper body. His firm pectorals and abdominal muscles, while devoid of hair, clearly show the indentations on his flesh that would hold the strands of hair follicles.

I requested Tony to remove his compression shorts as I began a more intensive examination of his body. Using the stethoscope, I listened intently, heart sounds and then as I moved lower, bowel sounds. It was while listening to his bowel sounds that I detected movement out of the corner of my eyes. Sure enough, Tony's penis had sprung to life and was on its way to a full arousal. Grasping his ballooning member, I inspected it for anything out of the ordinary and then began a palpation of his groin. The genital exam continued as my young patient stood and I was able to examine his scrotum aided by gravity. His testicles were each carefully inspected and I took the extra time to explain to Tony the proper method to do a self-examination.

Tony conversed with me all during the continuation of his exam. I actually had to interrupt him momentarily, just to tell him that I was going to give him his first prostate exam, which only resulted in a short lapse in the conversation. I was able to easily locate and massage his prostate which resulted in further arousal of his penis. Typically, when a patient is as aroused as Tony had been throughout his exam, the collection of a semen sample is usually child's play. Such was not the case, Tony had difficulty producing a specimen on his own and my assistance was required to "lend a hand". dish.

Roberto Alonzo
DVD Movie
[19 yo, 5' 10", 167, 6 1/2" Uncut] Video length: 25 minutes
Produced Oct 16 09

Roberto Alonzo has the build that you would expect from a soccer player. At 5'10", 167 pounds, he could definitely sprint and fight for ball control during his years of playing soccer (middle school through high school). This 19 year old also played on his school's football team as a center. Initially, I had trouble envisioning him playing a center, that was of course, until I saw him bent over and in a playing stance on my exam table.

Roberto is definitely a ladies man, he has a winning smile that definitely draws attention to his face. He is quietly confident in his abilities and while he is not a modest person, at times he definitely experiences some embarrassing moments.

Many heterosexual athletes get aroused during their sports physical exams. It is a fact of nature. Their bodies react and they rise to the occasion just as helium would cause a balloon to rise. Roberto is one of those straight athletes that I was speaking of. Laying naked on my exam table, while I was intently listening to his heart and lung sounds, I detected movement out of the corner of my eye. I glanced over just in time to see his penis, literally spring up, and inflate right before my eyes. Much like my "helium into a balloon analogy" !

As the examination continued, Roberto became a man today ! Our soccer player received his first prostate examination and he admitted to me that he did feel a bit of sexual energy as my finger tapped away internally.

Roberto concluded his examination and produce an extremely large sample for testing purposes.

Antonio Rivero
DVD Movie
[23 yo, 6", Uncut] Video length: 53 minutes
Produced Nov 10 09

Antonio Rivero has a very toned, athletic and compact body. At age 13, he started bodybuilding to develop his muscular frame. It was Antonio's school Physical Education teacher that suggested he take up wrestling in which he participated throughout his high school years. Antonio said that his wrestling workouts were intense, held twice a day, and definitely contributed to building his stamina.

Antonio, typical of most wrestlers, is very comfortable with his body. Nudity is not a big deal at all to him, something that I always find really welcome about wrestlers and swimmers alike. He exhibits a nonchalant, carefree attitude about nudity that clearly shows in the way he just shucks his boxers down and stands naked before me.

This relaxed manner continues as I had him take a seat on the examination table. At this point, I embarked upon a leisurely medical and personal history question and answer session. All throughout, Antonio was calmly sitting on the table naked and at no point did he even consider shielding his genitalia.

The stamina that Antonio spoke of earlier was clearly obvious as it took him quite awhile to complete the examination and provide the required semen sample. But when able to do so, he produced a very ample specimen for testing purposes.

David Bironas
DVD Movie
[18 yo, 6", Cut] Video length: 37 minutes
Produced Nov 17 09

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, "what happened to all of the straight athletes ?" Through luck of draw, there was a period when I had a succession of one gay athlete after another that marched into my office, and soft spoken 18 year old, David Bironass can definitely be counted among that number. David is pretty adorable, in a cute, delicate fashion. There is nothing that is overtly feminine about him but then there is nothing that is overtly masculine. He is a gentle, sweet and as stated, pretty adorable.

David related some extremely erotic locker room stories and I will let him tell you about them. David's sports physicals were performed at his own doctor and it became a pretty routine occurrence for David to get aroused during those exams. I fully expected David to get aroused during my exam but the opposite occurred and he stayed fairly calm, cheerful and relaxed throughout the whole examination.

I concluded that David's relaxed manner during the exam was also partly due to a case of nervous anxiety so it took him a bit of time before he was able to produce a sperm sample.

Gene and Randall
DVD Movie
Gene Brooks [ 18 yo, 6'03" 160, 8 1/2" cut ] Video length:118 minutes
Randall Markville [ 19 yo, 6'00", 180 pounds, 6" Cut ] Produced 2008
Gene Brooks is a 18 years old, 6'03" tall, 160 pounds. His main sports growing up were basketball & football being the quarterback for his school team. Gene sports a very responsive 8 1/2" penis. He started puberty at age 12 and shot up pretty quick in height. He had his first sexual experience at age 16.

Gene had never had never had a prostate exam nor any anal play before this exam. He was sure tight ! He was visibly in discomfort and told me that it hurt during it. I pressed on continuing the rectal exam while he was laying on his back. The semi-erection that he had during his initial genital exam quickly subsided due to the pain he felt. I allowed him to relax and let him work his big penis to a frenzy of activity. It took him a bit of time to get the release needed for the labs but he was finally able to do so. Lots of great close-ups and you will feel like you are right on top of him !

Randall Markville is 19 years old, standing at 6'00" tall, 180 pounds. His main sports were soccer and football. He started with little league play at age 12. Through all of his sports programs, Randall was the cut up, the kid that was quick to strip and show off his body. He regularly stripped and did locker room pranks. He was the first in his group to start puberty and he was quick to show off what he had, and the changes going on throughout his body. He goes into great detail about his locker room shower practices and pranks that he participated in, team initiations and hazings.

Randall is uncut and has a 6 inch penis, fully erect. When he mentioned that he was the locker room show off, I expected him to be packing more fire power. I gave Randall his first prostate exam and he was fairly docile for it. He was very tight and a little apprehensive but he was willing and accepted what was coming to him. I got him to admit when he felt the sexual twinge during the procedure.

I let Randall continue on his own to provide a semen sample. He feverishly worked his foreskin over the pink crown of his penis while massaging his heavy scrotum. ( I did encourage him, off camera, to finger his ass a bit and he surprised me when he did it.) Randall complete the "task at hand" and squirted into the specimen dish.

Sylis and Isaac
DVD Movie
Sylis Wolff [ 19 years old, 5'07" tall, 130 pounds, 7" cut] Video length:105 minutes
Isaac Sultan [ 19 yo, 5'07" tall, 170 pounds, 7" Cut ] Produced 2008
Sylis Wolff is a 19 yo, 5'07" tall, 130 pounds. His main sports growing up were track & swimming, his events for the 400 meter and high jump and competitive swimming involving sprints. Sylis won numerous awards throughout his school sport endeavors. Sylis began puberty at age 11. He admitted that he did get erect at age 12 during a sports physical at his doctor's office, so I was anxious to begin.

Sylis has a nice smooth, "twink" body, smooth chest and just wisps of pubic hair, smooth hairless bottom. Sylis got erect and stayed that way pretty much all throughout his whole physical. Sylis was a pure joy to examine and you are going to enjoy every second of his physical.

Isaac Sultan is 19 yo, 5'07" tall, 170 pounds. Isaac is USA transplant from Kenya. He has a stellar body, well defined abdominals and great biceps. He actively hits the gym four days a week. His main sports in high school were soccer and football. Isaac received his sports physical through doctors that were assigned by the school.

Isaac had issues with his boxers as he stripped down for his physical with me. They split at the seams and he started to get embarrassed because of it.

Isaac had never had a prostate exam before, he actually felt a bit uncomfortable with just the baby thermometer. But I pressed forward and did give him a very thorough rectal examination.

He was clearly relieved when he was allowed to continue on his own to produce the semen sample. You are really going to enjoy Isaac's form as he strokes himself to a climax. His abdominals are truly the washboard variety and he is flexed to the max during this session. He unloads a thick sample for my lab !

Ken Poplar
[ 20 yo, 8", Cut] Video length: 112 minutes
Produced Aug 10 2008 and Aug 24 2008
Double Feature:Interview/Exam with Ken Poplar 

Starring Ken Poplar
Ken is a very likable, straight 20 year old male, he is quick to smile and speaks at ease about himself. Ken's main sport was football and he made newspaper headlines as the team's wide receiver.

Ken was very relaxed throughout his physical, his years of sports have made him really comfortable with his body. I gave Ken his very first rectal exam and to his credit, he took it very well and didn't complain at all during it. If you look closely, there is a glimpse of wide-eyed amazement when I inserted a second finger into his rectum as if to say, what are you doing ! After the exam concluded, I allowed Ken to continue on his own to produce a thick semen sample.

Ken is back this time, complaining of sore shoulder muscles that started as he was doing his gym workout. Ken strips naked and another complete exam follows. Ken receives a deeper, more vigorous rectal probing during the exam as a prelude to what is to come.

Ken's body is rubbed thoroughly as the doctor applies aloe vera based lotion to his body. His body is firm and supple and responds to the back and frontal rubbing that he is receiving. The next step, the internal probing as Ken's virginal anus is stretched open through the use of a butt plug. New sensations rush through his body as his penis is also stroked while the butt plug applies pressure.

Ken is left to his own "devices" to stimulate himself to a final release.

Into It
DVD Movie
James Ronaldo [ 19 yo, 5'11", 175 pounds, 7 1/2" Uncut] Video length: 63 minutes
Travis Cacerres [26 yo, 5'11 200 lbs, ex-Marine] Produced Feb 10 08

Have you heard the expression, "All's well that ends well ?". Well, such is the case for this video. The camera used to film the opening sequence developed issues so the exam portion of this video is lost but what remains is sizzling !

I paired up 26 year old, man of the world, ex-Marine, Travis Cacerres with 19 year old James Ronaldo. Two hot blooded Hispanics in the same room.

Travis had experimented with men (as part of a MMF threesome) so I knew he would take the lead. I had no clue how James would react or what he would do, as he is straight and has not had a male sexual encounter before.

Travis got James to french kiss. Travis wasted no time, and almost immediately went down on James and his 7 1/2 inch weapon responded to the touch of another male. James started out slow, mutual masturbation, some light body kissing and caressing followed by some licking around the pubes. He eventually got into it and really produced a stellar, smoking hot performance !

Thomas Weylan
[ 23 yo, 6'01" tall, 219 lbs, 7 1/2", Cut] Video length: 86 minutes
Produced 2009
Thomas Weylan is a 23 years old, 6'01" tall, 219 pounds. His main sport was football, in case you couldn't tell, and also baseball and track. Thomas is a very likable man, he smiles easily as I got him to talk about his sports activities. Thomas' sports physical was performed at a clinic that his school referred him to. He was taken to the exam room and instructed to provide a urine sample first and then directed to an exam room by the nurse. The nurse told him to undress to his shorts. When it came time for him to drop his shorts, Thomas did sprout a semi-erection for the nurse.

For my exam, everything proceeded nicely until the rectal exam. Obviously, it was Thomas' first penetration and he was extremely tight. His body kept edging away from me as I probed him with just 1 finger. When I instructed him to flip over onto his back and repeated it, his legs when straight up into the air, almost at a 90 degree angle to the table ! Thomas was relieved when that portion of the exam was over. I left him to work up his thick, 7 1/2 incher to a creamy climax.

Part 2 The Therapy Thomas returns in this segment for some therapy on his groin. Thomas again received a rectal probing but for an extended period of time. Thomas responded with deep breathing and a sharp intake of breath, each time I wiggled my finger inside his rectum. It was pretty intense for him as he is still not used to the sensations. I utilized a corkscrew motion as I continued to probe his rectum from different angles. His sharp intakes of breaths matched my intensive invasions. I didn't think it would be possible, but I was able to slip two fingers inside him to complete the rectal portion of the examination. probing. When permitted, Thomas unloaded a nice semen sample onto his abdomen.

Series 41 - Jordan Heyman
[20 years old, 8 1/2" Cut] ] Video length: 53 minutes
Produced Sep 01 08
Jordan Heyman (20 years old, 6'03" tall, 200 pounds, 8 1/2" cut) participated in both football and track during his school years. Jordan was a running back and his high school did make it all the way to the state finals.

Having no older brothers; he discovered the changes taking place in his body on his own. His body started to mature gradually culminating in a large penis and equally large feet (size 14).

Jordan received his sports physicals at his school. The school actually performed the physicals in a vacant classroom with all the players lined up down the hallway. The players were all lined up in their workout gear. Jordan received his physical from an attending female nurse and yes, he did get fully aroused when he had to drop his shorts !

Jordan is still in excellent, physical condition. He keeps his body natural, no shaving for this athlete. His penis was easy to get aroused, a few casual bumps during his genital exam, and he was semi-aroused when he slid his boxers off. I gave Jordan his first prostate exam and while he clearly did not enjoy it, as the grunts attested to, his toes curled in discomfort, yet he was able to maintain an erection throughout, . His prostate was in tip top condition, easy to locate and arouse. But he still was clearly relieved to have it completed and he did leak a little bit of seminal fluid. At the conclusion, Jordan stroked himself to finish up and delivered a really large semen sample.

Series 31 - Damon Gilroy
19 years old, 7" Cut Video length: 62 minutes
Produced Apr 13, 2008
Damon Gilroy is 19 years old, standing 6'03", 200 pounds. His sports growing up were soccer and football. Damon also spent two years in the Navy, joining right from high school. See the world, I asked. No, he spent the whole time in Virginia.

Damon is of Cuban ancestry. Damon is a hairy, young man, but keeps his body shaved of all hair. His shaved genital area made his flaccid penis stand out more and since he had neglected to wear boxers to his exam, he was naked the whole time.

I carried on a conversation with Damon all through the genital portion of his exam. He didn't flinch a bit during his rectal exam and he looked pretty good on the exam table, if I might say.

For the final portion, Damon really went to work on his Cuban penis, extending it to a fat 7 1/2" and producing a healthy semen sample.

Series 27 - Travis Cacerres
26 years old, 7" Cut Video length: 76 minutes
Produced January 30, 2008
Travis Cacerres is 26 years old, Hispanic, and an ex-Marine. He was in the Marines for 8 years, travelled all over the world, seen and experienced many things. He is 5'11" tall, weighing in at 200 pounds. Travis was a big athlete in school football, wrestling, baseball, soccer and bodybuilding/weight lifting.

Travis admitted to taking part in some wild encounters while in the Marines, especially while overseas. I don't know what it is about Marines, but I have had really good luck with them as patients. Travis is really comfortable about who he is as a person. He keeps his body hair natural, which includes a nice crop of pubic hairs surround his 7 incher. Travis definitely has what you would could a bubble butt and you get a good look at his ass while on my exam table.

When permitted, Travis takes care of business and squirts a load all over his body.

Series 26 - James Ronaldo
19 years old, 7 1/2" Uncut Video length: 76 minutes
Produced January 30, 2008
James Ronaldo is 19 years old, Hispanic family heritage, and he stands 6'00" tall, weighing in at 171 pounds. James is was involved in a few different sports growing up: soccer as a youth, middle school football, and then as a wrestler in high school. It was as a wrestler that most of our conversations centered around. Yes, its true, wrestlers are required to strip naked before each match competition and have their weight officially recorded. He got used to it, he said, but still as a growing teen, having to strip naked in front of 200 other athletes and coaches, can be a little unsettling.

James was an extremely easy patient to work with. He had numerous physicals that had been required of him throughout his sporting career so he knew what was expected of him. He had actually received some of his sports physicals from the school nurse. However, James had not received a rectal exam before and this exam was the first for him. He was a very accommodating patient and took his medicine well for a straight boy. I still always enjoy when I get the patient to tell me that they felt the prostate massage.

James has a hefty 7 1/2 uncut cock and fully 5 1/2 inches around. James took his time achieving orgasm but it was well worth the effort, delivering a nice enthusiastic semen sample.

Clayton and Cody
DVD Movie
Clayton Dwight [ 23 year old, 6'00 tall, 150, 8" cut] Video length:107 minutes
Cody Bannister [ 19 yo, 5'06 tall, 140 pounds, 7" Cut ] Produced: October 2, 2007 and October 16, 2007
Clayton Dwight is an 23 year old, 6'00 tall, 150 pound, very cut, very defined young man. His main sports growing up were football and basketball. Clayton sports physical was done at his school in the gym. All the sport teams were required to report, almost 800 boys in the school gyms, standing around, shirtless, in their shorts or workout shorts. Clayton popped an erection during his school sports and also got erection for an exam with his own personal physician. Both doctors touched his penis in its erect state.
It was no surprise that Clayton got erect for my exam as well. Things got interesting as I gave him his first rectal exam. Definitely virgin territory here, he was really tight ! He gave a steady stream of moans and gasps throughout the rectal portion of his exam. He recovered quickly enough and worked his 8 inch penis to a nice creamy finish.

Cody Bannister is 19 years old and created a bit of a problem for me ! Cody initially applied to work for me just after he turned 18. He had come in to my old office, I gave him the paperwork to complete and he didn't like the model release form, something to do with the wording on it. Suspicious 18 year old, right ? Then when I told him that he was going to get a physical exam from me, he said, "No, way !" and walked out on the interview. Fast forward to 18 months later, he reapplied, showing up at my new office and he didn't remember me and well, I didn't remember him until he told me that he had applied to a company before and the "dude" wanted to touch me like in a physical exam.

I had him strip naked for me, figuring at least I would get a good look at him, in case he wanted to quit. Cody is 5'6" tall, 140 pounds. What little hair that is on his boy body, he has shaved off. His main sport was baseball, as he was too small or short for any other sport.

Cody started his sexual conquests early, first sexual experience at age 10 (just an erection with no ejaculation), followed by a series of "older" girls at 14. He would often play the innocent, virginal boy that girls could not resist. A true, devil in disguise.

Cody is an exception so I proceeded to invite him to strip naked, just doing a solo masturbation scene for you. When you see him, you will be glad that I invited him to stay and perform for you !

Steffan Adams
DVD Movie
[21 yo, 5' 10", 165, 8" Cut] Video length: 140 minutes

I am extremely pleased to introduce a new discovery, Steffan Adams. He is a straight 21 year old hottie, mixed race (black, hispanic, french). He stands at 5'10' and 165 pounds, with washboard abdominals and an infectious smile. I moved Steffan forward fairly quickly in both segments of this video, first with "a helping hand" and then with a variety of toys. You are going to enjoy this one !